Twelve years ago…

Fishing Report 4-15-2002

Yellowstone River: The big water is ice-free, low and fishing is great. During this time of the year some of the best fishing is had with an assortment of flies and at different times of the day. When we can get on the River with on ice, run-off or bad weather in April, we go for it as quickly as possible. Yes, everyone is waiting for the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch, but there is plenty of fishing to be had previous to the hatch, which comes off early in May. Flies of choice now are streamers, midges and small may flies. Within a couple of weeks, caddis pupa will start working like a charm and then all hell with brake loose when the caddis start to hatch. I have seen hatches so strong that there was an inch of bugs on the surface. The Mother’s Day hatch is one of the best hatches on the Yellowstone. During either one, landing 50 or 60 fish on dry flies is not a fish tale. If I could tell everyone that wants to know exactly when the Caddis are going to pop, I would get rich selling information instead of scraping a living out of selling fishing gear and flies. If you want to hit the Caddis hatch, plan to spend the first 15 days of May in Montana. I know that doing something like that is probably out of the question, but when you hit the hatch, it becomes worth it very quickly.

Spring Creeks: Spring fishing on any of the creeks is very pleasurable for two reasons; One, there is usually no one else fishing, and two, the fish have not been under much fishing pressure and are ready to take things that they would normally turn down. Midges, Beatis and Pheasant Tail Nymphs should do the trick. You can also get away with 5X tippet as the fish are not as gun shy. We had a very mild winter and the fish on the creeks are showing great health and good fight.

Lakes: The ice is off and the fish are moving to go through their false spawn. This makes the males very aggressive taking anything that invades their area. Fishing any lake around the inlet will produce most every big fish in the lake. Fishing any flashy fly will get their attention in a big way. Orange or pink scuds are also a good choice. As you catch any of the fish in the lake be mindful of added stress from the attempt at spawning and handle with care so they do not end up belly-up on the bottom of the lake.

Wherever you fish enjoy what the trout god offers and should you need any information or have questions, give Big Sky Flies & Guides a call.